My work approach is rooted in transparency and environmental responsibility.
I believe in fair pricing and ensuring ethical working conditions. By choosing my services, you not only get exceptional photography content, but also support a commitment to making a positive impact on our planet and society.
1. Cameras in use 
In my 10+ years of photography practice, I have only used second-hand Canon cameras. Currently I own two professional full-frame cameras, Canon R and Canon 5D Mii, and a small digital crop camera. Besides, I use only second-hand Canon lenses. Canon is #4 on the sustainability list at a carbon-score-based study that Climate Counts and the Center for Sustainable Organisations released, that is pretty high. When required, I use a 120mm film camera Pentacon 6TL, which was inherited. All the film that I use has max 12 frames available, so I do not throw away the developed film tolls, but keep.
2. Computer and storages
Currently I use MacBook Pro 2020 for photography retouch. Apple company has regular reporting on the sustainable development program. “Every company should take part in the fight against climate change. Together with our suppliers and local communities, we are demonstrating that green innovation brings opportunity and social justice,” said Tim Cook, CEO of Apple.
I share photos with my clients by using WeTransfer strives to have a positive impact on social and environmental issues — "balancing people, planet, and profit".
3. Soft
For many years I've been actively using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom. Adobe placed #25 overall and #4 in the software industry on the 2023 Rankings of Most JUST Companies.
4. Price list
I always explain my pricing in detail to you. By the way, my prices for services correspond to the recommendations of the Swedish Union of Photographers.
5. Transport
I do not own a car, and prefer to use metro, bicycle, or trains.

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